"entrenched meanderings"

"weakness erodes

layers of existence expose

batholiths of stone 

enduring forces of snow, wind and rain

fighting time & gravity to remain 

until the very last bit of grit and grain

submits to the sea... "

I wrote this while working on the “entrenched meanderings exhibit” for the “Mountain Stories” speaker series hosted by the @tetoncountylibrary. It's a free local event sharing personal experiences and perspective from some truly amazing people. ... Alex Honold was the key note speaker these words and painting were inspired by @jimmychin & @alexhonnold film “free solo”. It truly was a honor to be involved and I feel so much admiration for the guest speakers. Alex drew a huge crowd and the event had to be moved to a bigger venue in town. Everyone was excited to hear his story and it was amazing... but the highlight of the experience for me was hearing @annettemcgivney talk about writing her book “pure land”. I felt such a connection to her ideas and I just love the book. That was my last exhibition... 🤔 been a really long time.